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CompTIA Certification: What’s it all about?

CompTIA Certification is given by the Computing Technology Industry Association. CompTIA is a non-profit organization whose goal is to further the global interests of IT professionals around the world. Their aim is to improve the employment opportunities and skills validation for IT professionals, as well as improve the quality of IT hires and employees for businesses. CompTIA provides certifications that validate the skills of people in the IT field. To earn a CompTIA certification, a candidate must pass a certification exam or a series of certification exams. Once the candidate has passed the certification exam, the company provides documentation that the person has earned the appropriate CompTIA certification. In addition to certification exams, CompTIA provides information and education for the IT community at large.

Value of CompTIA Certification

CompTIA certification gives the IT professional greater leverage when searching for a job and for keeping employment. By earning a CompTIA certification, you're showing potential employers and other members of the community that you have passed the exams that validate your IT skills. In addition to certifying your IT skills, CompTIA certification shows that you have the "career-consciousness" to be proactive and pursue credentials and certifications that are attractive to potential employers. There are many rewards and incentives for people with CompTIA certifications. Statistics show that IT certifications can lead to salaries 30% greater than salaries for those without IT certification. CompTIA certification is among the most widely accepted and respected IT certifications in the industry. Plus, CompTIA certifications are an important credential in the U.S. Department of Defense's initiative to ensure all personnel who work with DOD technology are properly certified.

CompTIA and DOD Directive 8570.1

CompTIA is the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). It is a membership organization and the "world's largest developer of vendor-neutral IT certification exams." CompTIA certifications that count toward DOD Directive 8570.1 Compliancy include A+, Security+ and Network+. According to CompTIA "experts and industry leaders from the public and private sectors, including training, academia and government work with CompTIA to develop broad-based, foundational exams that validate an individual's IT skill set."

CompTIA Certification for Technologies

Entry-Level CompTIA Certification

CompTIA A+ is the CompTIA certification that is designed for entry-level IT technicians. The certification exam is comprised of topics including basic networking, installation, troubleshooting, communication, preventative maintenance and professionalism. Learn more about CompTIA A+ certification.

Networking Professional
CompTIA Certification

CompTIA Network+ is the certification provided by CompTIA for networking professionals. It's a single certification exam credential. To earn the CompTIA Network+ a candidate must pass an exam that focuses on maintaining, troubleshooting, and operating, managing and configuring basic network infrastructure. Learn more about Network+ certification.

Security CompTIA Certification

CompTIA Security+ is provided to help experienced security professionals improve their credentials and provide a more balanced, predictable hiring environment for employers. The CompTIA Security+ exam features questions about network infrastructure, cryptography, assessments, system security and audits. Learn more about Security+ certification.

Server Administration CompTIA Certification

CompTIA has developed the CompTIA Server+ certification as a favorable option for IT professionals with server administration experience. It's a single-exam certification with a test that features questions about RAID, SCSI, managing multiple CPUs and disaster recovery. Learn more about Server+ certification.

Linux Technologies CompTIA Certification

CompTIA offers people with experience in Linux open source technology the opportunity to certify their skills with the CompTIA Linux+ certification. This certification is a single-exam credential. To pass the exam, a candidate must get a passing score on the exam that contains questions about software configurations, file permissions, user administration and the management fundamentals of Linux systems.

Project Management CompTIA Certification

CompTIA Project+ is the CompTIA Certification for project managers. It certified a project manager's abilities in all of the process groups and standards that are generally accepted within the project management community. Questions on the exam focus on topics such as initiation, planning, execution, acceptance, support and closure.

Entry-level Printer and Document-imaging Technician CompTIA Certification

CompTIA PDI+ provides coverage for basic electromechanical components and tools, print engine and scan processes, color theory and networking.

RFID CompTIA Certification

Professionals in the growing field of RFID technology have the option of earning the CompTIA RFID+ certification. The CompTIA RFID+ certification exam covers installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of RFID products.

Convergence CompTIA Certification

Convergence of voice and data networks is a hot commodity and you can validate your credentials with the CompTIA Convergence+ certification. It's a one-up certification with a challenging exam that includes questions about design, implementation and management of voice and data networks.

Technical Instruction CompTIA Certification

There's a saying that "those who can, do, and those who can’t teach." For those who want to teach IT, CompTIA offers a certification for technical instruction. According to CompTIA, the CompTIA CTT+ "covers classroom preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation and evaluation in both traditional classroom and virtual classroom environments."

Home Technology CompTIA Certification

CEA-CompTIA DHTI+ is available for experienced home technology professionals. This certification requires a passing score on a single exam that features questions about configuration, integration, maintenance and troubleshooting of digital and electronic home systems.

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