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This LearnSmart Practice Exam is ProCert Labs Tested and CompTIA Approved study material. It covers all the objectives for A+ Essentials (220-701) exam. Unlimited, FREE auto-updates are provided so you're never behind on any topic. The whole package comes as an automatic download so there's no waiting or shipping charges.

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LearnSmart's A+ Essentials (220-701) Practice Exam is the best way to master the skills you need to pass. Get complete, thorough and authentic coverage with a deep pool of questions for all domains of the A+ Essentials (220-701) exam, including:
  • Hardware - 127 questions
  • Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance - 70 questions
  • Operating System and Software - 172 questions
  • Networking - 105 questions
  • Security - 74 questions
  • Operational Procedure - 122 questions
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A good practice exam shows you exactly what to expect when you take the real exam. This is important because each exam vendor has a unique testing style and each individual exam has its own personality as well. This means that simply knowing the information usually won’t be enough. You need to have experience with your particular exam and know how your knowledge will be tested or you’ll fail.

But be careful when choosing. Not all practice exams are created equally. It’s easy to write a few questions and call it a practice exam. It’s far more difficult to duplicate the experience of the real exam as PrepLogic does.

CompTIA (220-701)

A+ Essentials Practice Exam

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  • Windows 7, Windows Vista; Windows XP Home / Professional
  • 750 MHz Processor
  • 10 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • .NET Framework (What's this?)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer