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About this Practice Exam:
This LearnSmart Practice Exam is ProCert Labs Tested and CompTIA Approved study material. It covers all the objectives for A+ Essentials (220-701) exam. Unlimited, FREE auto-updates are provided so you're never behind on any topic. The whole package comes as an automatic download so there's no waiting or shipping charges.

CompTIA’s A+ 220-701 Essentials Exam is one of two exams required to achieve the A+ 2009 certification as PC Support Technician. The exam is aimed towards entry-level computer professionals, such as desktop support specialists, remote administrators, and depot assemblers.

This exam has no prerequisites and is designed for individuals with at least 500 hours in computer technology support. Users that attain the A+ 2009 Certification are usually referred to as a helpdesk technician, computer support professional, or IT technician. In addition to having strong technical knowledge, these professionals have good customer service skills and a willingness to assist clients with their computer needs.

The official domains of the exam are:
  • Hardware
  • Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance
  • Operating Systems and Software
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Operational Procedure
Successful candidates understand computer technology fundamentals, as well as networking and security basics. The 220-701 exam focuses more heavily on hardware support and troubleshooting than previous iterations of the A+ Essentials exam. Additionally, the previous exam’s focus on soft skills and environmental concerns have been deemphasized and rolled into the single Operational Procedure domain. However, the exam will still ask 100 questions in traditional multiple choice and multiple answer format.

The passing score for this exam is a 675 or better on a scale of 900. Candidates have 90 minutes to answer the questions. The exam has been updated to include material related to Windows 7. Therefore, it is imperative that candidates familiarize themselves with Windows 7 as it relates to the above domains.

Since on average, the earnings of certified individuals is 5-15% higher than that of un-certified peers, the A+ certification can help lead to an increase in salary for IT professionals. The certification makes it clear that these professionals are serious about their work and want to demonstrate that they possess the skills that potential employers and clients demand.

Similarly, companies staffed by A+ certified professionals can anticipate increased productivity, lower training costs and solid, ongoing business.
Learn Amazing New Skills
LearnSmart's A+ Essentials (220-701) Practice Exam is the best way to master the skills you need to pass. Get complete, thorough and authentic coverage with a deep pool of questions for all domains of the A+ Essentials (220-701) exam, including:
  • Hardware - 127 questions
  • Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance - 70 questions
  • Operating System and Software - 172 questions
  • Networking - 105 questions
  • Security - 74 questions
  • Operational Procedure - 122 questions
Only LearnSmart gives you the realistic exam simulation you need to be primed and ready on exam day. To learn more, try a Free Demo.

The most authentic exam simulation and advanced features make LearnSmart Practice Exams the best choice for your exam training. Every practice exam comes with the following features specially developed to get you ready to pass:

FREE Auto-Updates automatically notify you when an update is available and enables you to instantly download the newest files.

Challenging, Realistic Questions are written by certified experts and specifically developed to map perfectly to the actual exam topics.

Practice Exam Audio Integration is an exclusive feature of the LearnSmart Practice Exam. Your practice exam can be integrated seamlessly with LearnSmart Lecture Series audio training for an incredible, enhanced learning experience. Your LearnSmart Practice Exam and Lecture Series audio training creates a powerful learning experience unmatched by any other exam preparation product!

Extensive, Detailed Explanations provide detailed breakdowns for correct and incorrect answers - because knowing why it’s wrong helps you learn why it’s right.

Multiple Exam Modules contain hundreds of authentic quality questions for the broadest coverage of exam objectives.

Customizable Exam allows you to choose the length of testing time, testing modes and answer options. You can even create your own custom exam that draws questions from the entire test question pool.

Random Answer Choices keep each learning session fresh and educational. Answers to multiple-choice questions are shuffled randomly (so the answer to question #1 isn’t always "A").

Detailed Score Reports pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you focus more time on the areas where you must improve.

Marked Questions enable you to tag questions for later review.

Item Review allows you to view each every question, as well as your answer. Find marked and unanswered questions easily.

Instant Download or Compact Disc delivery gives you a choice for your practice exam format.

Pass Guarantee Our Pass Guarantee ensures that when you train for your certification with us, you'll pass your exam. If you fail, we'll give you back 100% of the money you paid for your training.

FREE Demo Download allows you to check out the interface, question quality and usability of our practice exams. See for yourself why you should make LearnSmart part of your certification preparation.

A good practice exam shows you exactly what to expect when you take the real exam. This is important because each exam vendor has a unique testing style and each individual exam has its own personality as well. This means that simply knowing the information usually won’t be enough. You need to have experience with your particular exam and know how your knowledge will be tested or you’ll fail.

But be careful when choosing. Not all practice exams are created equally. It’s easy to write a few questions and call it a practice exam. It’s far more difficult to duplicate the experience of the real exam as LearnSmart does.

CompTIA (220-701)

A+ Essentials Practice Exam

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  • 6 Exams
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System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista; Windows XP Home / Professional
  • 750 MHz Processor
  • 10 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • .NET Framework (What's this?)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer
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