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Get access to over 100 IT training courses now with PrepLogic’s Ultimate Access. This program is the total IT training solution for you. Ultimate Access offers you complete training with all new products and training for all of the latest IT exams and certifications. Not only do you get complete coverage for existing certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA, but now you’ll have open access to everything for newly updated exams like Server 2008, MCITP, Network+, Security+, A+, CISSP® and PMP® and hot new titles including ITIL and VMWare. Plus, we’ve doubled your access time so you can enjoy our entire Ultimate Access library of courses for a full two years!* Learn everything about Ultimate Access now by calling 1-800-418-6789.

What is Ultimate Access™?

Ultimate Access is our total training solution for the professional in today’s IT workforce. This program gives you check-out/check-in access to every course in our entire Ultimate Access library. Ultimate Access provides expert training for every platform, career-type and certification. You get total training for a highly-paid IT career in one place, for an easily affordable price. How Ultimate Access Works

  • More than 800 training products
  • Over 1,500 hours of LearnSmart Elite Video Training
  • All Study Guides, Printables and Mega Guides
  • Every trade, career and skillset
  • Easy and convenient access through our
    PrepLogic Online Classroom
  • See all titles here

Your Own Library Card to PrepLogic

Ultimate Access now puts tons of the most popular and advanced training courses at your fingertips quickly and easily. Just like a library card, Ultimate Access provides your training “title-by-title,” exactly when you want it. Use our online control panel to choose your training from our giant selection of certification courses for networking, wireless, security, database, project management and more. We deliver every training product we have for your exam – all video training, audio training, practice exams, Mega Guides directly to you through the PrepLogic Online Classroom. You get complete coverage with the highest-quality multimedia training available. Use your training for as long as you like and retire it when you’re done. You’ll get your next title right then and there. Ready to learn more? Call us now at 1-800-418-6789.

Why do you need Ultimate Access™?

In the job market of 2011 and beyond, certification is no longer a “one and done” process. The days of single-exam certifications are going away. Now you have to pass up to seven exams (or more) to become certified. And to top it off, you’ll need multiple certifications as employers increase their demands on employees. To make an impact in your career, you need to think of your training on the whole, and not just for a single exam. Being able to have all of your career training at your fingertips is the freedom that Ultimate Access gives you.

NEW! Easier Than Ever in the PrepLogic Cloud Classroom!

The new PrepLogic Cloud Classroom training system provides the total training experience to help you get prepared as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each course gets you started with a full skills assessment quiz and keeps you sharp with section and chapter quizzes along the way. In addition, the system incorporates audio training and study guides that you may enjoy during your video training, or as custom training guides that can be printed or exported to your mobile devices. All of your training materials are right at your fingertips, from our world-class practice exams to the full Mega Guides and Printables. The PrepLogic Cloud Classroom also gives you convenient and useful Notes and To-Do sections that are easily exportable to your other devices. As you train, the PrepLogic Cloud Classroom’s Personal Trainer help you schedule your training for the optimum training speed and performance. Our personal trainer helps you set the right pace, and keep up while still meeting the other important demands in your life. The PrepLogic Cloud Classroom is the best way for busy people to learn, and it’s right at your fingertips with PrepLogic’s Ultimate Access.


Ultimate Access is Your Affordable Career Safety Net

For years employers have been demanding more skills from a smaller workforce. The Ultimate Access IT training package will be an exceptional resource for you as the IT job market becomes more competitive. Multiple credentials can lead to more opportunities, greater job security and higher earning potential. The average salary for a CCNA or MCITP certified individual is over $79,000 a year. Read the Salary Survey. Those averages increase for professionals with more than one certification. Ultimate Access is a special opportunity to get a tremendous, life-changing return on a small investment in your career. Ultimate Access greatly cuts the costs of your IT training. The average professional will take eight exams over the next two years, and spend $825 per exam for just the basic training, like CBT, books and practice exams. That’s over $6,500 total. With PrepLogic’s Ultimate Access, your per exam training costs much less and you get access to the entire library (see all titles). The more certifications you earn, the less you pay for each exam. Plus, you’ll have access to training for new exams and certifications as they are released.

More than ever, IT professionals need the most up-to-date and highly demanded certifications to stay ahead. Are your credentials strong enough to stay afloat? This is an important decision that deserves your serious consideration. To get started, call us today at 1-800-418-6789. We’ll be happy to give you all the details.

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Here's How Ultimate Access™ Works

When you sign up for Ultimate Access™, choose the first exam you want to pass from our large selection of IT certifications.

Once you've chosen, we provide the full complement of training you'll need to pass your exam; LearnSmart Video Training, PrepLogic Practice Exams, Quiz Me and Lecture Series audio training plus our full selection of Mega Guides, Printables and Pocket Guides.

You'll have everything you need to learn, practice and pass your exam with confidence, all easily accessible through our state of the art Cloud Classroom.

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